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Culinary Academy

The taste and preparation of good food are passions that run deep. The Culinary Academy offers several courses covering starters to desserts. The acquisition of new skills, the brushing up of old skills or simply the enjoyment of a creative cooking experience is what the course provides.

The delightful recipes and learning experience may serve as a foundation for ambitious entrepreneurs who wish to cater from home or can simply be used by enthusiastic and keen cooks. A book of recipes is supplied with each module and the different short courses.

Hygienic facilities, utensils and all cooking ingredients are supplied by the Academy.


Good food not only tastes good but is also a feast to the eye. With the excellent course recipes and the students own acquired knowledge, one may dream and create taste sensations.

The Academy offers the following courses which will provide you with a wealth of cooking information.

Full time professional courses. (January or July intake)

Diploma in Culinary Arts Diploma in Food Management Services Certificate in Food Preparation Certificate in Hotel Management and Accommodation Part time professional courses (all year)

Catering and cooking Course Baking Course Pastry Course Traditional Cultural Cooking Courses Sugar Craft Cake Decorating Domestic Training and Cooking Specialised One Day Courses Team-Building Cooking Days Holiday Courses

Teen cooking and baking (10-15yrs) Kids cooking and baking (5-8yrs) Other Courses

Life skill courses Personal development and self-empowerment courses. Arts and crafts Recognised & Accredited by


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